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  • “Why Stand With Israel?” Booklets

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    “Why Stand With Israel?” Booklets


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    In this 8-page booklet, Pastor Jack Hayford details how Christians are forever linked with the Jewish people and the vital importance and biblical mandate to stand in support of Israel. This booklet also addresses Israel’s present conflicts and how we as the Church should respond. (50 Pack.)

  • “Why Stand with Israel?” Booklets – Portuguese

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    “Why Stand with Israel?” Booklets – Portuguese


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    Neste livreto de 8 páginas, o pastor Jack Hayford detalha como os cristãos estão sempre relacionados com o povo judeu e a importância vital e o mandato bíblico de apoiar Israel. Este folheto também aborda os atuais conflitos de Israel e a forma como a Igreja deve responder. (50 Pack.)

  • “Why Stand with Israel?” Booklets – Spanish

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    “Why Stand with Israel?” Booklets – Spanish


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    En este folleto de 8 páginas, Pastor Jack Hayford detalla como los Cristianos son para siempre unidos con la gente judía y la importancia vital y mandato bíblico para vivir en apoyo de Israel. Este folleto también explica los conflictos presentes de Israel, y como nosotros, la Iglesia, deberíamos responder. (50 Pack.)

  • 100 Devotions (100 Ermutigungen)

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    100 Devotions (100 Ermutigungen)


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    Have you ever looked for a devotional that can inspire you, that can help you with your Bible reading, that can impact you in a short yet powerful way – but you simply don´t have the time to sit down with lengthy devotionals? Then ‘100 Devotionals‘ is the right book for you! Let it accompany you along the way for a hundred days with short, precise but deep and Holy Spirit-inspired thoughts, teachings and revelations! It will fill your mind and thoughts during the day and will surely speak into your daily situations. This devotional book is written in both English and German.

  • 14 Indicators Of Apostolic Christianity

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    14 Indicators Of Apostolic Christianity


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    What was it about apostles that changed the course of human history? Acts chapter two contains 14 strong indicators of Apostolic Christianity. In this foundational teaching, Robert Stearns challenges us to take a hard look at what we are giving ourselves to so that we can be ones who produce fruit that remains.

    We need to receive a spiritual check up and compare form scripture what God tells us of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and what we are actually living in the church today. What was it about the apostles that changed the course of human history? How will we recapture the passion necessary to be World Changers in our generation? The message of the gospel has been watered down in our day and age and if we want to have the blessing, we must receive the cost as well.

  • 2020-2021 Eagles’ Wings Calendar

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    2020-2021 Eagles’ Wings Calendar


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    “Blessings from Israel” 16-month Jewish/Christian calendar

    Our beautiful new Jewish/Christian Calendar will help you connect with the Jewish roots of your faith by identifying the Biblical feast days throughout the year, and by reminding you daily to pray for Israel. This full-color calendar features 16 months, September 2020 – December 2021, and includes many stunning scenes from throughout the land of Israel.

    • Extraordinarily beautiful scenes from the land of Israel, stylized with the texture of oil paintings;
    • Promises from the Holy Scriptures that add strength and blessing to all whose God is the Lord;
    • Resources for Torah study and celebration of biblical Holy Days;
    • 16 month calendar (September 2020 through December 2021) with all of the Jewish Holy Days, Christian holidays, and U.S. holidays.


  • 5 P’s of the Tabernacle of David

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    5 P’s of the Tabernacle of David


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    There is only one house that the Lord is building. God says, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7). In this hour, we are seeing the restoration of the Tabernacle of David – the restoration of God’s house of prayer in the earth. In a time of increasing moral relativism and religious systems that lack the fruit of God’s Kingdom, Robert Stearns challenges us to remain true to the calling and purpose that God has given His people for centuries.

    Now, more than ever before, believers must be engaged in releasing God’s heart into the world. Learn now about what God is building in the earth, through five key aspects of the Tabernacle of David: Praise, Prayer, Prophecy, Proclamation, and Personal Ministry.

  • A Global Movement – Ball Cap

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    A Global Movement – Ball Cap


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    A classic distressed black baseball cap with Eagles’ Wings – A Global Movement embroidered logo.

    – Unisex 

    – Adjustable, Metal clasp

  • American & Israeli Country Lapel Pin

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    American & Israeli Country Lapel Pin


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    • American and Israeli Flags Lapel Pin
    • Show support for the United States and Israel’s relationship.
    • Measures 1″W