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No, We Can’t


The world is shifting. It is dissatisfied, baffled and craving transformation. Tolerance is prized more than truth. From clever slogans to celebrity endorsements, we are bombarded with seemingly peaceful messages of coexistence. But beneath the bumper stickers and T-shirts is buried this truth: Coexistence is a myth. Instead, a war for world domination is raging—between radical Islam, militant secularism and Judeo-Christianity.

What does it mean for you as a believer and why should you care? From years of global outreach, Robert Stearns predicts a coming perilous culture clash. With clarity and astonishing depth, he shows you the power of radical Islam to reshape Western culture and why Judeo-Christianity is losing strength and what believers can and must do. The ultimate dominance of any of these worldviews will create a tipping point in global culture. What role will you play?