Watchmen on the Wall Vol. 1&2 Digital


The overall goal in our Watchmen on the Wall Training Program is to equip the believer for both “informed intercession” to God and effective articulation to people, regarding Israel, her people and some of the political issues surrounding her. In order to accomplish this, our recorded workshops include a variety of themes that include not only foundational teaching, practical guides for prayer, plus facts and figures concerning political issues, but also exhortation and encouragement to help keep each Watchman strong and focused as they intercede.

Volume 1 & 2 themes includes:

  • 7 Reasons to Stand with and Pray for Israel
  • You are a NT Watchman
  • Watching for and Fighting Against an End Time Spiritual Cancer
  • Media Misconceptions #1
  • Islam, Israeli Arabs and How to Pray
  • God’s Everlasting Covenant-From Abraham to Today
  • The Qu’ran, Allah, and Mohammed versus The Bible, Jehovah, and Jesus
  • Warfare 101 for Watchmen