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The Heart and Hands of Nehemiah


We need to be engaged in building up the right walls in our generation. There were pivotal moments in Jewish history, where things could have gone one way or the other, and the people had to make a choice. We are given a clear picture of this in the book of Nehemiah.

As Nehemiah made a choice to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem with a group of his men, Sanballat and Tobias were opposed to the work that was being done. There will always be a voice opposing the word of God in your life, and the first step of the enemy’s strategy is to mock you and the work God has given you. We need to be dedicated to the work on the “wall” God has called us at any cost. Opposition will distract, divide and defeat you or it will drive you to covenant resolve. Fight for your families, your nation and your generation – the choice is yours…