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Positioned For An Esther Anointing


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Positioned for an Esther Anointing is coming to realize that your comfort is not God’s agenda. Just like Esther, much of the Body of Christ has been seduced into a false reality by the comforts that surround her, failing to realize that she has been blessed for a purpose. In this timely teaching, Robert Stearns gives us four strategic points on how we can position ourselves to receive an Esther Anointing: Realize the reality of your situation, not living in distraction or denial; Cry out- be actively involved and alert to what is going on in the earth; Determine your convictions, letting the fear of God replace the fear of man; and live as Esther, saying, “If I perish, I perish,” rejecting those issues that are keeping you from shifting into a state of alert in this hour. It is time to position yourself!