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God’s Measuring Line


The Lord is releasing His Plumbline in the nations of the earth, and the hour of measuring has begun. Zechariah 1:14-16 paints a prophetic picture of the hour we are living in, where God is calling us to repent from dead works that aren’t producing the fruit of the kingdom of God. God wants to get to the root of worldliness in the American church and deal an axe to the root of the performance spirit in the church of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Our priorities need to be re-adjusted. God is looking for a people who will stand with Him in radical end times discipleship. There is a personal and corporate idolatry in the Body of Christ. We cannot simply trust the prophetic. We must test and try the prophecy and stop sowing into fruitless vineyards. Embracing the Plumbline of God will bring about disentanglement from places of inward, silent compromise.