Discovering the Secret to a Successful Prayer Life Book


This fascinating book combines biblical teaching with personal experience, Offering a number of practical tools to apply to your life. It will also help you to understand the cast dimension of prayer and encourage you to bring intercession into your practical, everyday life. Step-by-step, Suzette Hattingh walks you through the Scriptures and shows you how to understand the way that God leads in prayer and then answer prayer. With her unique, humorous style, she will challenge you and ignite a new passion and ability for prayer within you. Discovering the secret to a Successful Prayer Life will help you:

  • Walk and talk with God.
  • Fulfill His eternal purposes for you and for His Kingdom’s sake on all the earth.
  • Learn how to use the authority and take the dominion He has given to you.
  • Be led by the Holy Spirit as He guides your prayers and shares the burdens of Heaven with you on the earth.

Suzette’s book is her lifestyle- she writes what she lives and lives what she writes. Discovering the Secret to a Successful Prayer Life is a book for everyone; it is not just a classic for the bookcase, but a handbook for the road!

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