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Come Into The House Of God


There is something happening in the nations of the earth, it’s not another movement, another religious fad, or a passing fancy. It is an understanding… a paradigm shift that is occurring across the globe. Christians are beginning to tap into the very activity of heaven as described in Revelation 5:8… the pattern of harp and bowl worship and intercession. King David understood the importance of this model as he established his tabernacle of 24/7 worship and intercession when he was king. He understood that God was looking for a people and a place on the earth where the flame of the presence of God would stay lit day and night.

Today, the Lord is rebuilding the Tabernacle of David through the prophetic understanding of heaven’s very activity: the harp and the bowl. What you will experience on this CD may be something new to you. You will hear music (the “harp”) that is mostly spontaneous and was composed as the musicians and singers were led by the Spirit. You will also hear people praying scriptures and interceding (the “bowl”) in a way that flows in with the music and singing to create an ongoing flow of worship and intercession as described in Revelation 5.

When Robert Stearns and team recorded this CD, there were no songs, music, lyrics, or prayers that had been planned out beforehand. We simply gathered together to seek the presence of God and were obedient to release the sounds and words that the Lord gave to us. Our prayer is that as you listen to this CD, that the Lord would open your ears to hear the message that the Holy Spirit is speaking to this lost and dying generation: Come into the house of God!