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  • House of Prayer

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    House of Prayer


    In Isaiah 56:7, the Lord gives definition to the structure of His house by saying “My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations.” King David understood the importance of prioritizing ministry to the Lord through prayer and song, and he set up a tabernacle of 24/7 worship and intercession. The word of God promises us that this Tabernacle of David will be rebuilt in our day! God is going to re-define Christianity in a single generation as the Church returns to its primary definition of being a house of prayer. Day and night, there is a worship service happening in the throne room of Heaven.

    In this teaching, Robert Stearns talks about how the House of Prayer, that is being raised up in the earth today, is a reflection of the very activity of Heaven (harp and bowl worship and intercession). God is looking for priests on earth to come into agreement with the priestly activity in Heaven. Do you hear the call?

  • Watchmen on the Wall Manual

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    Watchmen on the Wall Manual


    The Watchmen Training Manual is a broad based but structured curriculum written by knowledgeable Christian Leaders, with a variety of relevant material and practical assignments. Our goal in writing and compiling this practical guide is to equip the believer for effective articulation to people and “informed intercession” to God, regarding Israel, her people and some of the political issues surrounding her. The Training manual is made up of approximately 20 chapters divided into three main sections:

    • Foundational Topics (including topics such as God’s Everlasting Covenant with Israel, The Jewish Roots of Christianity, The History of Christian Anti-Semitism, The Timeline of Israel, etc.)
    • Talking to God about Israel and Her People (How to Pray for the Jewish People in Israel and How to Pray for the Arabs in Israel)
    • How to Talk to Others ( Scriptural Rebuttal to Replacement Theology, Responding to Media Myths, How to Share Israel with your Pastor, FAQ by Jewish People to Watchmen, Important Facts about Israel, etc.)

    The manual is designed to be a broad based foundation, with concise but meaty chapters, that include statistics, facts, and insights from knowledgeable Christian Leaders in the land. At the end of each chapter, there is not only a list of additional resources for people who desire to delve deeper into a topic, but also, a series of Study Questions to reinforce the key information and to use for group study and discussions.

      *This manual is also available in Spanish, French, Polish, and German.